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Filo America is a privately held corporation based in Vernon, California that has been in operation since 1994. 

Since its inception, Filo America’s sales have grown consistently. Focused on sustaining growth, Filo has systematically expanded its line of high quality retail products.

Historically, Filo America has concentrated its efforts on the development of its House Brands. Some of these include; Royal Brand, Pacific Brand, VIRX brand and many others. Most recently we have entered into the Store Brand Private Label arena with many high volume and excellent profit generating items. 

Filo America conducts business with the finest retailers in the United States. Our customers include many of the leading retail chains operating in the Mass Merchandise arena, the traditional Food/Supermarket segments, and Drug Store class of trade.

Filo America is an aggressive, sales oriented company focused on bringing innovative high quality products to market quickly and effectively. Partnering closely with our retail customers, we work collectively to drive sales, profits and margins of our clients Own Brands as well as our House Brand Labels.

Filo America’s goal is to sell the finest quality Private Brand and House Brand products in the following categories: Men’s and Women’s Wet Shaving/Razors, HBA Cotton Products, Bandages and Wound Care items, Liquid and Gel Hand Sanitizers, and Anti Bacterial Soaps.

Filo America offers our fine products at very competitive prices and a great value to both the consumer and retailer. Our products and programs that we offer are positioned within high volume retail sales categories. 

Combining our high quality product offerings for Private and House Brands, (positioned in high volume product categories) along with very competitive prices, and very high service standards, Filo America is positioned for long term growth. 

Filo America is a partner that will work closely with its customers to develop the best products and programs, focused on optimizing sales and profits.

Our team at Filo America has over 100 years of experience selling consumer products, Private brands, and commodity driven programs. We are 100% committed to our customers by offering the highest quality products, the highest possible service levels, and the most competitive cost available in the marketplace today.

We at Filo America look forward to working with you to identify opportunities within your organization to grow sales and profits. We would be honored to have the opportunity to present our products and programs to you.


Thank you for considering Filo America,

Fred Pourbaba

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